The Secret Brazilian Ingredient That Gives Botox-Like Effects in 60 Seconds For a Fraction of the Cost


Meet Dr.Andrea Godoy

A Leading Dermatologist From Brazil

After graduating from the University of Medical Sciences of Santos in Brazil in 1999 with a Specialist Medical Degree in Dermatology, Dr. Godoy has spent the years discovering the most cutting edge technologies and treatments to keep her patients looking young and beautiful. She has traveled all over the world attending countless workshops, conventions and trainings (i.e. the Photo Dynamic Therapy in Milan, 2005.) Dr. Godoy has co-authored “Foundations on Dermatology” and “Treatise on Dermatological Surgery, Cosmetic and Laser.”

With her years of innovative and dynamic experience, Dr. Godoy discovered one very important aspect- people are fascinated with the Brazilian beauty. Largely based around the quality of their skin, it seems as if Brazilian women are not only beautiful, but they don’t even seem to age! Dr. Godoy began to recognize that even though the technology and medical treatments that she used were no different than the ones available in other countries- her Brazilian patients still had a tendency to look much younger, with far more resilient skin.

A Path To Discovery...

One evening, Dr. Godoy was approached by her receptionist, Jessica- who at the time was approaching her mid-40s. After working with Dr. Godoy in a setting surrounded by ageless and beautiful women, Jessica confessed that she was depressed about her signs of aging. She would find herself pulling up her skin wondering what it would be like to appear as if she were in her 20s again. Her looks and her self-consciousness in her aging were beginning to dominate her life. Jessica wondered if her aging appearance would lead her down the path of loneliness. Would any man ever find her attractive again? How could she compete with the ageless beauty she was surrounded by? In a society that glamorizes youth and beauty, Jessica was not alone with her feelings.

Jessica considered Botox therapy. Never a big fan of putting a needle into a patient’s skin, Dr. Godoy declined. After reflecting with Jessica, she began to question alternative avenues centered around the impressive skin properties of her Brazilian patients. Was in genetics? Was it the Brazilian climate? Was it something in the way that they cared for themselves? Dr. Godoy was determined to find out.

Genetically, Brazilian women come from different backgrounds. So they don’t necessarily share the same DNA. As for the climate, the tropical humidity of Brazil is beneficial to the skin. However, there are many other countries with the same climate- yet their women are not nearly as beautiful and youthful as the Brazilian women.

With those theories out of the way, Dr. Godoy began interviewing her Brazilian clients to uncover any lifestyle secrets that may contribute to their timeless beauty. Amazingly, Dr. Godoy began to notice a pattern. Like many women from other cultures, Brazilian women tend to care for their skin with home remedies.

Yet, there was one varying aspect from the other cultures: ingredients.

Brazilian women would use ingredients derived solely from the Amazon. After existing for at least 55 million years, the Amazon contains miraculous plants that have the potential to resolve many of our health and skin issues.

Dr. Godoy embarked on a long and tortuous journey to uncover some of the Amazon’s most life-changing secrets. She was determined to allow any woman of the world to benefit from the same skin qualities as the Brazilians. While scouring research papers, studies and botanical references, Dr. Godoy continued to identify several potential plants and other natural resources. Samples were tested with cutting edge technology in order to gather the most potent components of skin-enhancing properties.

After combining the key components with a proven formula to amplify the effects, Dr. Godoy and her team finally had it, Bratoxin - a solution that contains thousands of years of Amazonian wisdom, dozens of all-natural components, all extracted from non-endangered species found in the rainforest.

Better Than Botox...

Bratoxin’s skin-rejuvenating and life changing virtues can be felt with a simple topical application and it is available in an affordable solution for women and men all over the world. As a far better alternative to Botox, Bratoxin stands apart from the harmful effects that come with Botox treatments.

To better understand the differences, let’s take a look at what Botox actually is. Botox is the commercial nomenclature of Botulinum Toxin (BTX), the neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. The Botulinum toxin has paralyzing properties that act on the muscles under the skin. The injections of botulinum toxin cause the facial muscles to lose their contractility and become paralyzed. This action lasts for 3 or 4 months until a new injection is required. If a new injection is not received- the wrinkles appear again.

Not only is it extremely expensive, but Botox is also a very strong substance. A deadly one. Botulinum toxin is one of the most poisonous substances known to man. Shockingly, scientists have estimated that a single gram could kill as many as 1 million people. In fact, a couple of kilograms could kill EVERY human on earth. Although it has been modified for cosmetic purposes, it can still result in deadly complications.

That’s where Bratoxin steps in. Referred by the natives as “Jambu,” Brazilian Botox stems from a plant called the Acmelia Oraclea. This Amazon based plant has effects that are similar to Botox with the advantage of being REVERSIBLE, AFFORDABLE AND RISK-FREE.

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The Science Behind Bratoxin

Bratoxin is a reference for next-generation anti-wrinkle cosmetics. With a few very keen and unique potent ingredients, this solution further enhances the age reversal process. Along with the previously mentioned Jambu extract, Bratoxin contains:

Acmella Oleracea

AKA Brazilian Botox

Acmella Oleracea or "Jambu" (pronounced Jamboo) as they call it in the Amazon, is cultivated in Brazil in the State of Para. Found in the Amazon rainforest and has been found to have very similar short lived effects as botox.


Açai Stem Cells: It’s no secret that the stem cell trend is here to stay. Research shows that plant stem cells slow down aging of the skin by defending against extrinsic stress. This plant-derived stem cell ingredient imparts antioxidant, protectant and powerful anti-aging benefits that create an everlasting appearance.


SNAP-8: This ingredient has been incorporated in cosmetic formulations where removal of deep lines or wrinkles is desired. It reduces the depth of wrinkles caused by the contraction of the muscles utilized in facial expressions. Especially in the forehead and around the eyes.


Camu Camu: Native to the Amazon region, Camu Camu berries contain about 30 times the amount of Vitamin C found in oranges. They are rich in ellagic acid, an antioxidant that helps protect the skin against free radicals. Much like a superfood for your face, Camu Camu is a key ingredient to Bratoxin.


Acacia Gum : Derived from the Acacia Tree, this unique ingredient provides a super-firming action to the skin. With an instant lifting effect, it improves texture, plumps up fine lines and wrinkles while leaving the skin smooth.

When used on a regular basis, spilanthol, a molecule responsible for its myorelaxant properties, ensures an immediate and lasting effect on the skin. By limiting micro-contractions that create and aggravate facial wrinkles, spilanthol allows rapid reduction of facial wrinkles resulting in smoother skin. The contraction blocking process is fully dependent on the concentration of the tested extract. It has a fully reversible function. The muscle recovers its contractility after 24 hours. In addition to being as effective as Botox, it's the safest option for wrinkle reduction out there.

To verify that the bioavailability didn’t decrease after topical application, Dr. Godoy and her team elaborated an innovative testing model with reconstructed skin containing human epidermis and dermis. Results showed that it is just as effective in a formulated cream than in its pure form. With higher concentrations, they observed a 24 hour residual effect allowing an interesting cumulative result when used daily. It demonstrated instant activity by reducing expression lines.

Let’s refer back to Jessica. For her, the results were incredible and immediate. She started to gain her confidence back. She was no longer worried about her future and felt happy and radiant again. Bratoxin had reduced the barcode wrinkles and bitterness folds while smoothing and redesigning the lip contour as well.

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Let Bratoxin Change Your Life Today!



Bratoxin is a solution that any person can afford. It is so powerful and not a single needle is required. No longer will people have to live with the pressure of looking young. Bratoxin offers a life-changing experience centered around ancient Brazilian secrets and all-natural ingredients.

Don’t let aging skin steal the joy from your life. Take action now and try Bratoxin. Your skin, your confidence and your happiness deserve it.